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FLU VACCINES AVAILABLE NOW – Please phone 03 3599974 to book an appointment with our Nurse

MMR vaccines are in very limited supply. Since original advice given we have now been advised to prioritise vaccines to the most at risk: Priority 1: Children aged 12 months to 13 years who have never been vaccinated Priority 2: Children and adults aged 14 years to 28 years who have never been vaccinated People born before 1969 are considered very low risk as they would have been infected naturally and are very likely to have immunity. People who have had one dose of MMR are likely to have 95% protection from developing measles.

Influenza vaccine are given in the surgery from later March to December, it is better to get the immunization as early in the season as possible.

Influenza vaccine is subsidized for people who is over 65 years of age, who has heart disease, chronic respiratory disease (such as COPD or asthma), chronic kidney disease, diabetes, active cancer , and who is on immunosuppressant, and who is pregnant at any stages, etc. People can also fund the influenza vaccine themselves , the cost is $30 per injection.

HPV vaccines

HPV vaccines are funded for girls and boys from age 11-27 years. HPV vaccines are effective to minimize risks for genital warts, cervical cancers, anal cancers and oral cancers.

Our Services


  • General Medical consult
  • Accident and emergency consult
  • Childhood immunisation and unscheduled immunisation on demand
  • National screening programmes
  • Health promotions
  • Sexual health and contraception
  • Minor surgeries (removal of skin cancers and cysts etc)
  • Cryotherapy (for warts and skin tags etc)
  • Wound management

Our Team

We are a small and friendly surgery, we provide high quality of health care tailored to clients’ needs.

Dr. Catherine Xu

General Practitioner

Dr Catherine Xu graduated from Otago University in 2004. After graduation, Catherine worked as a house surgeon in Christchurch Hospital and Whangarei Hospital, and as a locum GP in several surgeries in Christchurch. Catherine took over Burnside Medical in 2013. As always, Catherine enjoys and thrives on the rich variety of clinical experiences in the surgery.

Delwyn Bassett

Practice nurse (part-time)

Delwyn joined Burnside Medical in October 2015. She is a practice nurse with 10 years of experience in primary care and is passionate about health promotion. Delwyn works part-time; outside work, she is a keen cyclist and a veteran hiker.



Sue joined Burnside MC in August 2017, after returning back to her home town. Sue is an experienced receptionist having worked many years in Auckland. In her spare time Sue likes movies, dining out and re-kindling with recreational cycling.

Dr Liz Adkin

General Practitioner

Dr Liz Adkin trained at Otago University and gained 20 years of general practice experience in Christchurch and Waterford in Ireland. Liz welcomes the role of a locum for Dr Xu on Mondays. She enjoys a holistic approach to medicine and balances it with her interests of painting, walking and family time.



  • All charges are subject to change at the doctor’s discretion.
  • These are our usual fees. Payments maybe different if you need more than 15 minutes of the consultation.
  • Payments are expected at the time of consultation. Accounts that remain unpaid for 30 days incur additional administrative fees. They may also be lodged with our debt collection agency, and you will be liable to pay the costs associated with debt recovery.
  • Overseas visitor (non-eligible for NZ subsidised healthcare ) $98.00


To enrol with Burnside Medical, please complete the enrolment application below and submit as indicated. Please note that by enrolling you are asking Burnside Medical to be your normal healthcare provider. We will process your application as soon as possible. Only complete this form if you are eligible to enrol. By enrolling with us you have subsidised consultation with us, an enrolled patient has priority to be seen when we are busy

Repeat prescription

We are happy to provide repeat prescriptions to enrolled patients for certain stable conditions. You will have to see your GP for regular reviews and monitoring of your progress to help you improve your health. It is at the discretion of the doctor whether a patient can have repeat prescriptions without a face to face consultation

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Facsmile: 03 3599574

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Afterhours service is provided by 24 Hours Surgery, phone number : 03-3657777

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